Should We Apply?

Elements of a Strong Proposal

We receive many proposals. Those that are successful generally meet the following criteria in addition to those previously described.

The applicant:

  • documents a track record of success in acquiring power and achieving social change; campaign victories are described.
  • establishes that the role of the group’s constituents in shaping and leading the organization is fundamental and explicit, both as members and leaders.
  • presents a strategy for the continuous development of constituent leadership.
  • demonstrates a growing membership base.
  • is explicit about the outcomes it seeks to achieve in the next year, that is, what it seeks to change, and what it seeks to gain, especially from policymakers and policy making institutions.
  • describes how it works with other groups and constituencies.
  • has a strong fund raising plan, particularly for the next 3-5 years; we specifically look for involvement in grassroots fundraising.