About AWT

Founded in January of 2001, Animal Welfare Trust operates as a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation devoted to promoting the well being of the animal community. Among our guiding values is the belief that animals have rights to experience a life of respect, free from unnecessary suffering.

AWT recognizes that much abuse toward animals is based in deep-rooted cultural and social attitudes, which requires fundamental changes in how people think about their relationship with the animal community.

AWT operates on two levels in terms of helping to make a difference to the welfare of animals:

  • First, a grant program that is particularly focused on helping grassroots efforts that have a compelling vision as to how they can make a unique contribution to the animal welfare cause.
  • Second, establishing our own projects, either alone or in partnership with other organizations, that serve the mission to advance the cause of animal welfare.

In addition, AWT has a sister organization Animal Welfare Advocacy that operates as a 501(c)(4) and is dedicated to promoting legislative reform in support of animal welfare.

To learn more, visit AWA’s web site: www.animalwelfareadvocacy.org.