How to Apply

Update: As part of an ongoing strategic review of our grant program we regret we will not be accepting letters of inquiry or unsolicited proposals for the grant program for 2016.

Before you send a full application:

Applicants are encouraged to submit an e-mail inquiry to determine if the intended funding request falls within the scope of AWT’s funding program. Please include a brief description of your organization and the amount and purpose for the request, along with your name, title and contact information. The purpose of this inquiry is to avoid the time and effort in presenting a full application for requests that are simply out of the scope of our grant program.

Please note: While we read all e-mail inquiries within 30 days of receipt, we will only respond if we are interested in seeing a full grant proposal.

E-mail inquires can be sent to

After AWT responds favorably to your inquiry:

Grant requests will be considered on a continuous basis throughout the year. Grant applications will be reviewed no later than 90 days from receipt.

The grant application should include the following:

  1. Cover page
    Please include your organization’s name, executive director, address, phone and email, project name, amount of grant request, and a very brief summary of the project.
  2. Background of your organization
    Briefly describe the history, current operating structure and mission of your organization. Describe the key personnel and identify who would be AWT’s principal contact.
  3. Purpose of funding
    If the funding is identified with a specific project, please describe the goals and objectives of the project and include a timeline as to when the project was initiated or will be initiated and its expected evolution.If the request is not project specific, please describe how this funding will help advance the mission of your organization.
  4. Description of finances
    Please attach a copy of the operating budget of your organization as well as the budget for the project, if this is a project-specific request. What are your organization’s major sources of funding, both current and past? Grant recipients must have the financial potential to sustain the program for which funding is sought following the period of the requested grant.
  5. Attach a copy of exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Submit grant requests by mail to:

Animal Welfare Trust
PO Box 737
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

or by e-mail to: