Nomination Materials & Forms

Program Announcement

This 2-page description of the Beinecke Scholarship Program that includes information about the program, including guidelines and eligibility details.
Download the Announcement

Program Brochure

This brochure gives a complete description of the Beinecke Scholarship Program, a list of all current and former scholars and a description of the Beinecke African Scholarship program.
Download the Brochure

Application Form

This application includes form fields allowing the applicant to complete the form on his/her computer.
Download the Application Form

Financial Aid Form

Although some institutions may have students fill in this form as a part of their internal application process, this form is to be completed and signed by the institution’s Financial Aid Officer.
Download the Financial Aid Form

Certification of Eligibility

This form is to be used exclusively by the nominating institution as part of the actual submission process; it is not for student use.
Download the Certification of Eligibility

Please note: Students must be nominated by a participating institution.