The William Bingham Foundation was established in 1955 by Elizabeth Bingham Blossom in memory of her brother, William Bingham II, to continue the philanthropic tradition of the family. As of December 31, 2015, the William Bingham Foundation had assets (at market value) of approximately $16.8 million.

Mission Statement

As a family foundation, the William Bingham Foundation:

Elizabeth Bingham Blossom

Elizabeth Bingham Blossom

  • Furthers the philanthropic intent of its founder, Elizabeth Bingham Blossom; supports organizations in the fields of education, science, health and human services, and the arts;
  • Works for a world that is environmentally self-sustaining; seeks to strengthen civil society and its institutions;
  • Educates family members and others in the values and practices of philanthropy, community service, and stewardship; and seeks to build a sense of community among ourselves and with the world we share.

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In February 2008 the Trustees of the William Bingham Foundation adopted an Environmental Sustainability Statement.

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