Presidents Note

First and foremost, I want to say that I truly believe, both as a Board of Trustees and as a family, that we, the descendants of Elizabeth Bingham Blossom, founder of The William Bingham Foundation, have met and surpassed her hopes and expectations by our dedication and by the longevity of the Foundation. The William Bingham Foundation is now 61 years old, fulfilling its mission by supporting not-for-profit organizations and sustaining a close-knit family. Elizabeth Bingham Blossom, my great grandmother Nana, was a true visionary. The Foundation’s extensive and wide-ranging grant history, along with a Board of Trustees that has descended now through five generations from its founder, is a true testament to her genius.

The William Bingham Foundation was created in Cleveland, Ohio in 1955. Currently, members of its Board of Trustees live in communities throughout the United States, engaging locally, nationally, and internationally in their areas of interest through service and personal giving, as well as through grants from the Foundation.

We have survived many changes; but, throughout the years of evolving family dynamics and societal upheavals, Nana’s lineal descendants have preserved her core values and her vision of the Foundation’s mission. We have now successfully managed a significant change in the Foundation’s administration and grants management. We want to thank Foundation Management, Inc. and Maloney & Novotney Advisory for their services in 2014-2016. At the same time, we welcome Foundation Management Services of Cleveland and, in particular, Jeanine Gergel, our new Administrator and Grants Manager, who will work with us to maintain and perpetuate the Foundation and Elizabeth Bingham Blossom’s legacy well into the fifth generation.

In fact, we have already entered that new era, with the election of Jaymi Blossom Feeney, the first member of the fifth generation to join the Board of Trustees. We welcome the latest member of the fifth generation, Rowen Heffernan, born this fall, 2016. We also mourn the loss of Andy Stoddard, Rebecca Kovacik’s husband and loving father to their two children.

I am proud of the legacy of Elizabeth Bingham Blossom and the influence The William Bingham Foundation has had in the philanthropic community. I see the trends over the years and find it amazing that we have been on the forefront during much of it. Our policies have often led the way: we stand by a strong environmental statement and give back by buying carbon offsets; we promote best practices, adhering to all the latest laws; we were among the first to produce and regularly revise a procedures manual for our trustees and staff, and more. There is still so much to do and with Board support and perseverance we aim to accomplish the tasks at hand. Keep an eye out for a new website.

Continuing The William Bingham Foundation’s commitment to the philanthropic community; continuing to reach out to those in need, whether that need is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; and continuing to support those causes that confront our world: these values will remain the focus of our mission going forward.

With humility, grace, and warm wishes,

Robin Dunn Blossom

The William Bingham Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

— December 2016