A final report of grant expenditure is required within 1 year of the grant application date, regardless of whether all of the funds have been spent. Completing this Final Report is a very important responsibility of a grantee. An incomplete, late, or missing report may delay opportunities to apply for grants in the future.

We have moved to online grant reports, so check your MyAccount portal to see if there is a Requirement tab visible. Open the Requirement tab to see if there is a published grant report form specific to your last grant award, if applicable.

What do I do if there was a previous staff person working on the application who has since left our organization?
If you know the previous staff person’s email address, we may be able to transfer your organization’s historical applications and requirements to the new account for your organization. If you would like to request a transfer, email us at You must have an existing organizational account in order for us to do a historical application transfer.

Please include the name of your organization, your name and email address, the foundation to which you are applying and the email address of the prior staff person. If you do not have the prior staff person’s email address, we may be able to look it up for you.