Application Procedures


Effective 2012, the Foundation now requires all applications to include information on the percentage of each dollar raised that is used to support a benefiting activity of your agency.

The Foundation only accepts applications from our current grantees.

No applications from new applicants will be accepted.

In the order listed, please include one copy of the following:

Part A: Project Summary  (if possible, Part A should be limited to one page, but should not exceed two pages):

  • Briefly summarize the project, identifying its need and its long and short term goals.
  • Identify the services to be provided and the community that will benefit from them (estimate the number of individuals served). Describe where your services are provided in Monmouth and/or Mercer counties.
  • Describe the methodology used to evaluate the project.
  • Include information on the percentage of each dollar raised that is used to support a benefitting activity of your agency.

    How to make this calculation:

    • This percentage is derived from data included in your agency’s IRS Form 990.
    • On Line 25 of Part IX “Statement of Functional Expenses” divide total in Column B (Program service expenses) by total in Column A (Total expenses)
    • This calculation will provide you the percentage of each dollar raised that is used to support a benefitting activity.

Part B: Agency Finances

  • Attach agency’s total existing budget and actual income and expenses from the previous fiscal year.
  • If funding is requested for a specific project, include the budget for that project and, if applicable, include the project’s actual income and expenses from the previous year.
  • Attach most recent IRS Form 990 for the agency (not the audit).
  • Detail all sources and amounts of existing and pending funding.
  • Specify amount requested from the Borden Foundation.

Part C: Agency Structure

  • List the agency’s current Board members (if not included in 990).
  • Attach most current IRS letter denoting agency’s 501(c)(3) status.

Part D: Cover Letter
Proposals must include a cover letter that contains the following information:

  • The name and mailing address of the Agency.
  • The name, phone number, and e-mail address of the individual we should contact at the Agency.

Completed proposals should be sent to:

Quinn McKean
Executive Director
Mary Owen Borden Foundation
4 Blackpoint Horseshoe
Rumson, NJ  07760

Phone (732) 741-4645
Fax (732) 741-2542

Postmark the proposals on or before March 15 or September 15.

Simply use the United States Mail – No express or certified mail please. Please use paper clips only. DO NOT STAPLE. Thank you.