Application Procedures

The Foundation has a two-step application process:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
    Review procedures below
  • Full Proposal (only accepted if invited after LOI review)
    Review Requirements»

Letter of Intent

Because the Foundation does not have the staff to review lengthy submissions, it does not accept unsolicited proposals that are already fully developed. The Foundation requests a letter of intent (LOI) describing the proposal project. Even if your organization has received funding from the Brokell Foundation in the past, a new letter of intent must be submitted first.

Please note that only one LOI may be submitted for consideration during a twelve-month period.

The Foundation accepts the Washington Grantmakers’ Common Grant Letter of Intent format. If an organization does not use the Common Grant Letter of Intent, it must provide the following information in the LOI:

  • Organization Name
  • Executive Director and Key Contact Person (if not Executive Director)
  • Organization’s Federal tax-exempt number
  • Mailing address, Phone and Fax, Website Address, Key Contact Person’s email address
  • Brief organization description
  • Brief description of specific program(s) for which funds are sought. Description should identify the target population to be served and the total number to be served during grant period.
  • Amount sought from Brokell
  • Total programs budget (no detail needed with LOI; program budget not needed for general operation requests), and
  • Total organizational budget (no detail needed with LOI)
  • Attach current year-to-date profit/loss statement and balance sheet. If the organization’s fiscal year recently ended, please also provide financials for the previous fiscal year.

The Letter of Intent must not exceed three pages (not including financial attachments) and should be received at the Foundation by 5pm as shown in the schedule shown below.

The LOI must be emailed to the Foundation. However, it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that the email has been received at the Foundation by the 5pm deadline. LOIs received after 5pm will be held until the next LOI round for consideration.

To assist applicants, the Foundation’s Executive Directors welcome phone calls before submission of LOIs.

Please Note:

The Brokell Foundation is suspending funding operations for the remainder of 2018. Please check our website for updates. We regret any inconveniences that this may cause our established partners.