Proposal Requirements

If the Foundation determines that the letters of intent merits in-depth consideration for funding, the applicant will be asked to develop a detailed proposal. An invitation to submit a full proposal does not constitute a grant commitment by the Foundation.

Proposal Submission

If a proposal is requested, Brokell encourages applicants to use the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers Common Grant Application. However, if an organization does not use the Common Grant Application, please contact the Foundation’s executive directors to discuss proposal information that must be submitted in order for the Brokell Board to fully evaluate your request.

For proposal submissions, please note the following:

  • Proposals must be received at the Foundation by 5pm as shown on the schedule below. Proposals may be submitted by email. Proposals may not be faxed.
  • Proposal submission via e-mail:
    • The proposal and all attachments (including any spreadsheets) must be combined into one PDF or Word Document.
    • If there are one or two attachments (e.g., IRS non-profit determination letter, 990 form, audit, etc.) that are not available electronically or are difficult to combine with another document, prior to submission please contact the Executive Director to determine if electronic submission is allowed.

It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that the e-mail or proposal has been received at the Foundation by the 5pm deadline. Proposals received after 5pm will be held until the next proposal round for consideration.

The date a request is received by the Foundation does not necessarily guarantee its review at the next Board meeting. To ensure a thoughtful review, the Board will sometimes defer review of a request to a subsequent Board meeting.

Please Note:

The Brokell Foundation is suspending funding operations for the remainder of 2018. Please check our website for updates. We regret any inconveniences that this may cause our established partners.