History of the Brush Foundation

The Foundation was originally endowed with $500,000 in 1928 with a smaller additional gift from Maurice Perkins in 1942. Through the excellent stewardship of the Board of Managers and the Trustee (originally Cleveland Trust Bank, now KeyBank National Association) the endowment has grown substantially. As illustrated by the table below:

Total Fund Value benchmarks

1980 $1.87 million
1992 $4.54 million
2005 $7.88 million
2014 $7.80 million
2018 $7.61 million

Since its inception the Foundation has maintained its commitment to funding only in the area of reproductive health, family planning and reproductive choice. As the Foundation celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2018 it proudly announced that it broke the $12 million mark of funds awarded over its history. Over the past decade annual grant awards have averaged $337,000 per year.

1928 – 1980 $2,750,538
1981 – 2014 $8,954,320
2015 – 2018 $973,600
TOTAL $12,678,458