The Brush Foundation Board of Managers provides general support funding and project-specific funding for organizations whose activities are aligned with the Foundation’s vision, values and priorities. Currently, our grantmaking process is by invitation only.

Funding Priorities
Currently, the Foundation funds activities that impact reproductive health care access, rights, and justice in Ohio.

Other Program Areas
Since its inception in 1928 the Brush Foundation has been proud to maintain a very narrow focus on activities directly related to reproductive health and rights. We remain acutely aware of the interdependent nature of many approaches to reproductive health and know that comprehensive reproductive health programs may address a wide range of activities, including HIV/AIDS education and prevention, gender equity programs, teen empowerment activities, prenatal care, maternal mortality, etc.

However, given the limited grant resources of the Brush Foundation, unless such programs have primary goals and objectives specifically relating to our funding priority areas they will not be considered in our grant making.

Additionally, the Foundation is prohibited by federal regulation from funding political campaigns or lobbying efforts.