Our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy


The Brush Foundation envisions a world where every person has the opportunity to make sexual and reproductive health decisions with autonomy and dignity and can act on those decisions through equitable access to safe, affordable, and affirming health services.


The Brush Foundation is dedicated to advancing sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for every human being by supporting work that:

  • Ensures rights and equity in accessing comprehensive care, including family planning and abortion;
  • Promotes a culture of acceptance and support for sexual and reproductive health service access and education; and
  • Supports grassroots organizing and policy change advocacy that prioritizes those most marginalized.


The Brush Foundation is grounded in the following values:

Commitment – The Foundation has supported access to family planning and reproductive health services and rights since 1928 and its commitment to continue this work is unwavering.

Dignity – The Foundation recognizes the dignity of every individual by trusting people to make autonomous and private sexual and reproductive health decisions without coercion or interference.

Equity – The Foundation believes that sexual and reproductive health services and rights must be assured to all people regardless of national origin, age, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, religion, and sexual orientation.

Innovation – As it has throughout its history, the Foundation seeks to understand and respond to new practices and paradigms that advance sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Partnership – The Foundation is committed to building long-term meaningful relationships with partners in the field and those working for social justice more broadly.

Openness – The Foundation approaches its grant making by listening and learning in order to be attuned and responsive to grantees, best practices, and socio-political changes.


The Brush Foundation supports the sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice movement to advance access to care, culture change, and public policy. To increase the impact of our funding in this challenging time, the Foundation has adopted a state-based funding approach focused in Ohio, the state in which we were founded and have been committed to funding throughout our history. The increasingly negative discourse around reproductive rights and the mounting restrictions on reproductive health access in Ohio have intensified the urgency of taking this approach.

In Ohio, the Board has identified five strategies to forward its state-based focus:

  1. Defend and expand access to sexual reproductive health services and rights;
  2. Influence public opinion and affect policies on sexual reproductive health, rights, and justice;
  3. Support reproductive justice organizations led by women of color and youth;
  4. Develop intersections with the larger progressive movement and systems change efforts; and
  5. Build relationships with allied funders to increase coordination and impact.