Application Guidelines


For all actions we need one hard copy mailed to Foundation Advisor (no signature at the door) and also one emailed PDF (no larger than 5MB) to received by listed due date. We need both a paper and email copy to process your request by the due date. To confirm receipt you must get an emailed response from the Foundation Advisor.

Please note our new address.

To Begin an Application

To begin an application, whether you are a new or recurring applicant, please download the application cover sheet.

When to Apply

Both hard-copy materials and e-mail attachment copies must be received by the following deadlines. (Regular delivery mail, please, not requiring a signature.) Incomplete applications will be forwarded to the next funding cycle pending receipt of missing materials. Staple and/or clip all materials into a single packet. Remember to send your narrative and budget information via e-mail to

Letters of Interest Due Full Proposals Due
Spring Cycle 3rd Wed. of Jan. 1st Wed. of March
Fall Cycle 3rd Wed. of Aug. 1st Wed. of Oct.
Application Instructions

  1. If you are a new applicant to the Foundation, or have not received a grant in two of the previous three years:Please provide a letter of interest by the dates indicated above. (Received, not postmarked.) You will be notified whether the trustees will be requesting a full proposal, or whether your request has been declined. The letter of interest should include the following information:
    • A completed application cover sheet
    • Narrative — a one or two-page letter describing the project for which you are seeking support.
    • Explain any relationship with sponsoring or coalition organizations.
    • Attach a brief project budget and your current annual organizational budget – actual and projected income and expenses. (If the project is sponsored by a larger organization, include that organization’s income/expense budget as well.)

    Please note: The email version should strive to be a single PDF document (not multiple documents) and should be less than 5MB in size.

  1. If you have received a grant at least twice within the last three years:You may skip the pre-application process, and submit a full proposal at the deadline indicated below. However, we want to know how many groups will be submitting a full proposal – therefore please send an e-mail to by the pre-application deadline indicating your intent to apply. Be sure to include a completed application cover sheet with your e-mail.

    You will be sent an e-mail confirmation of this intent to apply – you may not submit a full proposal without having received this acknowledgement. Once you have received confirmation, please follow the instructions below.

  2. Full Proposals requesting one-year support
    • Narrative, not to exceed four pages. Clearly describe the strategies your project or organization will use to address the proposed issues. Explain why your approach was selected. Describe your organization’s special niche in your community. Discuss the general work-plan for the one-year grant period, and how you will evaluate the success/effectiveness of your project. If you are describing a particular geographical area, please include either a map or a clear description of the area’s location. Explain any relationship with sponsoring or coalition organizations.
    • Budget summary. For general operating support, submit a current year organizational budget (actual & projected sources of income). If you are requesting project support, provide a budget for both the project and the larger organization. Also submit the previous year financial statements, indicating actual year-end figures for both income and expenses. If there is an increase of 15% or higher in any income category (foundations, corporations, events etc.) between last year’s actual figures and this year’s budgeted figures, please explain your strategies to reach the income goal.
    • Supplemental: A copy of the following: IRS 501(c)(3) notification letter, list of Board members and their associations, and optional additional information: newsletters, press coverage, brochures.

  1. Multi-Year Proposals Eligible applicants: Groups who have received Burning funding for 3 out of 5 previous years. Please submit by mail one copy of the narrative and budget stapled together. Include one set of the IRS letter, Board list, and any attachments. Provide one copy via e-mail.
    • Narrative, not to exceed four pages, describing goals, strategies, and workplan for the three year grant period. Also provide a proposed budget for the three year period, including likely sources of funding. As only one or two groups will be selected, we also want to be clear about your request for single-year funding – therefore please attach a very brief one-page description (bullet-point summary okay) of the amount you would request and how you would use a single-year grant.
    • Supplemental: A copy of the following: IRS 501(c)(3) notification letter, list of Board members and their associations, and optional additional information: newsletters, press coverage, brochures.
    • Due-date: Instead of submitting a brief pre-application, full multiyear proposals are due at the pre-application deadline. If your project is not selected for multi-year consideration, the one-page summary of a one-year project will serve as a pre-application letter. All multi-year applicants will automatically be considered for funding when trustees review full proposals. Current multi-year grantees should submit a brief year-end update letter and budget summary at the pre-application deadline in lieu of a full proposal.
    • Years 2 and 3: Please submit a brief year-end report (including actual year-end budget) at the full proposal deadline. Trustees will review this report prior to allocating funding for years two and three.