Scholarships & Donations

Carmela Scholars

While the true value of a Carmela Education is the empowering wisdom of decades of experience in the financial advisory business, we also wish to help a select few candidates each year attend college. The Carmela Foundation builds and maintains a scholarship fund to assist those who are living proof of the power of Carmela coursework.

Not only does this student become a Carmela Graduate by passing a written test at the end of the course, but they also demonstrate a real understanding and employment of the course teachings. This includes practicing financial prudence in everyday life, demonstrated through utilizing the ABC’s of Financial Success and submitting essays on course topics. It is also very important to spread the message of The Carmela Foundation to others.

Scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year to candidates selected by a committee. The deadline to submit an application is March 15th. Eligible high school juniors and seniors may receive an application upon request after graduating from the Carmela Course.

How to be considered:

  1. Become a Carmela Graduate by passing the written test with at least 85% accuracy
  2. Complete and submit the scholarship essays
  3. Document the employment of the ABC’s of Financial Success for at least 6 months prior to submitting the application
  4. Refer three other students to The Carmela Foundation
  5. Submit an application for review by March 15th


The foundation accepts donations from the public. 100% of these donations go to endowing future scholarship distributions to graduates. All operating expenses are paid by a private donor to allow 100% of public donations to fund the endowment and distribute half of the income each year to graduates enrolled in accredited college programs approved by The Carmela Foundation.

For more information on our programs, scholarship opportunities, and making a donation to the Foundation, please contact us. Thank you.