2020 Request for Proposals from Family Support Organizations

Proposals Are Due May 15, 2020

The trustees of the Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation have set aside $600,000 in 2020 to strengthen well-managed and governed organizations serving families with young children. In general, the funds awarded should be used to strengthen best ongoing programs. If your tax exempt non-profit organization would like to compete for these funds with an application by May 15, 2020, we require the following items:

  1. A brief descriptive cover letter signed by your organization’s Board Chair and the CEO.
  2. A brief one-page executive summary of who you are, how you currently serve at-risk children and families, and what you are proposing to do with additional program support.
  3. A full description of the mix of programming that you believe strengthens families and prepares children to succeed in preschool and beyond. Please include a copy of your current operating budget.
  4. A description of how your existing programs are evaluated and benchmarked by your staff or external evaluators.
  5. A description, if applicable, of your plans to expand or retract existing programs for the rest of 2020.
  6. A copy of your tax exempt letter and a copy of your most recent financial audit.
  7. A final report is due in 12 months from receipt of your operating grant check. We want to hear how or if additional unrestricted program support for your work with young families with children (ages 0-5 especially), made a difference and where you still need assistance. We also need to see how you are or will assess the effectiveness of the programs we are supporting. What method (s) will you use to determine real outcomes and changes? We want evidence of real impact for vulnerable families.
  8. In your application, make sure to include a strong concluding section in which you answer the following:
    • What are the anticipated short and long term measurable outcomes that would be achieved by this grant? If the grant you are proposing is intended to strengthen existing programs make sure you tell us what the difference our grant would make in the measurable impact of your existing programs (e.g. more people being served in more locations, etc.)
    • What is your organization’s evaluation process? How do you plan to track and measure the effectiveness of your project? For example, will you use intake sheets, participation checklists, pre/post surveys, client questionnaires, follow-up surveys, input from the community, staff assessments, etc.? You may have other methods and we would like to know what those methods are.
    • How will the evaluation results be used to inform future programming and allocation of resources? If the family programs you are proposing are already underway, let us know how you have evaluated them. If they are new, let us know what your plans in the future are to evaluate them?
    • Remember that our Foundation is conducting this RFP for two more years (2020 and 2021) to determine if we will continue to invite applications annually to further family support. We are looking to partner now with outstanding organizations that know how, when, and where to evaluate outcomes while also using those evaluations to make changes in the programs or even to eliminate them if they are not efficacious.
  9. Please do wrap your final report for 2019 in with your request for 2020 funds. The trustees like to see what you did in 2019-2020 when considering new grants.

All applications must be received by May 15, 2020 to be considered at our summer trustee meeting. Early submissions are encouraged.

This request for proposals is by invitation only

Please note that this Request for Proposals is limited to carefully chosen applicants which we believe have a proven record of outstanding child and family support and strong financial management. The total budget for this initiative is $600,000 and will be divided and distributed to those invited organizations according to the quality of each organization’s proposal. Eleven organizations will compete for these funds.

  • YMCA – Oahu
  • YWCA of Hawaii Island
  • Child and Family Services
  • Salvation Army
  • Partners in Development
  • Catholic Charities
  • Family Support Hawaii
  • Maui Family Support Services
  • Imua Family Services
  • PACT (Parents and Children Together)