Digital Technology Requests

Funding in the Area of Pre-School Digital Technology, Research and Instruction

The trustees are aware of the growing interest in employing some digital instruction in the pre-school environment. But consistent with their historical interest in research, assessment and teacher training they have indicated that they will not make grants to fund the purchase of digital technology for regular instruction. On a case by case basis, the trustees may consider research and disciplined investigation into how digital instruction can promote student assessment and outcomes.

They will also consider well-reasoned studies into how, or if, digital instruction can assist and augment the essential social-emotional and cognitive development of pre-school age children. Good research and training-oriented requests will typically include multiple partners and very often multiple funders willing to share the cost of the study or training.

The Foundation may consider support for the reasonable purchase of digital technology needed to carry out the research or exploratory project. As in all applications, please contact the executive director to discuss your ideas for a grant before applying. All applications are subject to the usual rigorous pre-screening and review by the Foundation prior to final submission.