Low-Income Tuition Assistance for Accredited Pre-Schools

The trustees, in recognition of the Foundation’s historical role in increasing access to high quality early education, welcomes applications from pre-selected accredited preschools serving large numbers (or percentages of their total enrollment) of low-income, at-risk children. (See the list of eligible pre-schools below.)

In 2017, the Trustees have reserved $150,000 for tuition assistance. Schools awarded dollars from these funds will administer the grant award, determine which low-income families children will be assisted, and will submit a final report to the foundation office when all funds are expended. Names of recipients need not be included in the report but the number of children assisted and the results of their pre-school attendance should be included. Funds awarded will be available in December of 2017 and will be used by the grantees in 2018.

  1. All eligible applicants must be accredited by either NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) or NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation), WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), or ACSI.
  2. Eligible schools will typically enroll large numbers of DHS-qualified low-income students and will be prepared to quantify that number.
  3. Pre-Schools which are part of PK-grade 6 or grade 8 schools may be accredited through the comprehensive Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Click the tabs below for detailed application and reporting procedures.

  1. AE Kamali’i Pre-School
  2. Aloha School Early Learning Center of Hanalei
  3. First United Methodist Church Pre-School
  4. Good Shepherd Pre-School
  5. Hanalani School
  6. Hawaii Montessori School (Kona and Kamuela)
  7. Iao Pre-School
  8. Ka Hale O’ Na Keiki Pre-School
  9. Kama’aina Care
  10. KCAA
  11. Makiki Christian Church
  12. Na Kamali’i Hoaloha
  13. Rainbow School
  14. Seagull Schools
  15. Waikiki Community Center Pre-School
  16. Wailuku Union Church Pre-School
  17. YWCA of Hawaii Island
  1. Include a cover letter on official stationary signed by the pre-school director and chairman of the school board.
  2. Proposal narratives must be a maximum of three pages and include the following information:
    • Brief description of the applicant organization, its purpose, its history, its governance, and its current enrollment.
    • Concise summary of the scholarship/tuition aid program with a statement of need, measurable program objectives, description of how the activity is to be carried out, an indication of the population to be served, and the plan for evaluating its effectiveness.
    • Number of students receiving public and/or private tuition assistance.
    • The percentage of enrolled students in the fall of 2017 who are on some form of public and private tuition support.
    • How many students will be helped if the Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation funds the request (estimates are satisfactory).
    • How is the pre-school planning to get additional funds to assist low-income families.
  3. A current revenue and expense budget for the scholarship/tuition aid program, indicating other funding sources and the duration of time over which funds will be needed.
  4. Additional financial information requested:
    • Current organization operating budget (indicate start and end date of fiscal year).
    • Income Statement for organization’s most recent completed fiscal year (indicate start and end date of fiscal year). Audited financial statements are preferred.
  5. A copy of the following must be included in your request:
    • List of Board members with their professional or business affiliation; and statement as to active participants of board members.
  6. One Copy of the following items must be included with the proposal packet:
    • Internal Revenue Service letter advising that the organization is tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Code, and its foundation status under 509 (a) (if not submitted in earlier applications).
    • Organization’s charter and by-laws, if not previously submitted or amended.

    All applications are due by September 15, 2017 and grant awards will be made by December 31, 2017. Applications need not be formal and should be as brief as appropriate to present necessary facts about the applying organization and the scholarship program for which the grant is being sought. Do not bind the request. Submit 2 copies.

  7. The proposal should be sent to the following mailing address by September 15, 2017:

    Alfred L. Castle, Executive Director
    Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation
    733 Bishop Street, Suite 1275
    Pacific Guardian Center, Makai Tower
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

  8. News of the award, if made, may be shared with the media and in-house newsletters, etc. Please do inform parents of children receiving an award that the funds came from the Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation.
  9. Note that parents of Catholic pre-schools should contact the Augustine Educational Foundation to apply for support from a special Castle Foundation Fund. Catholic pre-schools should not apply for this initiative. In 2017, a $50,000 grant has been reserved for the Hawaii Catholic Schools division of the Catholic Diocese.
  10. The completed application must be e-mailed, hand delivered or mailed by regular postal mail so that it is in the Castle Foundation by 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 15, 2017.

We look forward to learning from your progress, challenges and successes. The report must be signed by the School Head and Board Chair/President. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or require further clarification of our reporting procedures. The final report should be submitted 12 months after the receipt of the award. Any unused funds should be returned to the Foundation. Please consult with Foundation staff should the school have any questions about the award.

The following must also be provided in the report narrative:

  • One page narrative about the scholarship/tuition aid program. How were students selected and by whom?
  • Number of students assisted from Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation and amount of awards for each student (students should remain anonymous).
  • A copy of the document the student is given that indicates notification of the awarding foundation and the dollar amount.