About the Foundation

Enriching Lives Through Croquet

The CFA was established in 1979 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation promoting the amateur sport of croquet in America. Thanks to the late philanthropist Charles P. Steuber who built and largely financed the CFA facilities, croquet has a beautiful home of twelve, full-sized, tournament-quality courts for 6-wicket croquet. There are also three, full-sized practice courts, a building housing the Croquet Museum, offices, ballrooms, a dining room, lounge, kitchen, and a wonderful, wraparound veranda. It is the largest and finest croquet facility in the world. Croquet is a sport that can be played by people of all ages. It is especially attractive to seniors as a healthful sport requiring the continuing development of dexterity and strategic thinking combined with low-impact exercise for fitness and health, which is further enhanced by the social interactions involved.

2018 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Chairman of the BoardDavid McCoy
PresidentHal Denton
Vice PresidentMike Gibbons
SecretaryThomas Tribby
TreasurerVickie Johnston

Functional Vice Presidents

CoordinationHoward Sosin
Strategic PlanningRuth Summers

Board Designee to the Executive Committee

Conner Helms

Committee Chairs

Hall of Fame ValidationRuth Summers
Hall of Fame ProceduresTom Tribby
Board NominationsHal Denton
PublicityMike Gibbons
DevelopmentDavid McCoy
Financial ReviewLynda Sudderberg(Non-Board)


Ron Atkins
Stuart Baker
Randy Cardo
Vernon Pierce

Sara Low(Ex-Officio)

Advisory Board

Joy Diesel
Brian McIver


The CFA and the United States Croquet Association (USCA) work hand in hand. Both organizations serve as the national presence of Croquet, and partner with local clubs, state, and regional representatives, and individuals, to provide education, support, and host United States Croquet Association. The USCA administers and maintains the official player’s handicaps and the official rules.

The CFA is proud to work with our committees staffed by all volunteer croquet players who have dedicated their personal time to support croquet across the country.