Henry Street Settlement

Posted on September 23, 2013

To support the Expanded Horizons Mentoring Program, a new initiative within their Expanded Horizons College Preparation and Retention Program. In this pilot year, they seek to pair 50 college freshmen who were participants in the Expanded Horizons program with volunteer mentors to help them persist in school and graduate. They plan to utilize the iMentor Interactive program which will include basic training and curriculum materials tailored by Henry Street for their specific program, and web-based interactive tools and technical assistance. Throughout the year, mentors will have structured contact with their mentees at least every other week using the iMentor online platform to discuss any challenges they may be facing, and to give them advice on how to successfully navigate their college experience. They plan to recruit 50 new students each year and ultimately serve 200 students who are in different years in their college experience.

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