Safe Horizon

Posted on September 23, 2013

To support Safe Horizon’s work with the Yale Child Study Center to adapt the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (“CFTSI”) for children between the ages of three and six for use at their four Child Advocacy Centers (“CACs”). CFTSI is a brief (four-to-six sessions), evidence-based intervention that Safe Horizon, in collaboration with Yale, uses as its mental health response for children age seven and older. Since Safe Horizon implemented CFTSI in the spring of 2008, more than 730 children have benefited from the intervention with both statistically and clinically significant reductions in trauma symptoms, as well as strengthened communication with their caregivers. Yale believes that adaptation of CFTSI for use with children ages three to six will greatly benefit this underserved group of victims of child abuse, resulting in outcomes similar to those Safe Horizon experienced with children age seven and older. They believe the adapted CFTSI for children ages three to six is replicable for CACs across the country.