SCO Family of Services for Center for Family Life in Sunset Park

Posted on September 26, 2014

To help the Center for Family Life (“CFL”) in Sunset Park, a program of SCO Family of Services, to pilot a College Success Mentorship Program to ensure that Sunset Park High School (“SPHS”) students receive support beyond graduation as they transition to college. The program will pair 50 SPHS graduating seniors with mentors who are young adults from CFL’s present or former staff and are currently high-functioning college students attending the same school that their mentees plan to attend. Each mentor will have a cohort of 3-5 students and will check in with mentees on a weekly basis either through email, text-message or phone and will meet with mentees in person monthly. By building the foundation for success of SPHS graduates in college through this mentorship effort, the Center continues its mission to serve their Sunset Park community by providing the support and stability necessary for the community’s youth to realize their full potential.