Proposal Requirements

The Cummings Fund will consider up to TWO different grant requests at any given time from any one applicant organization.

Organizations submitting one grant request should limit it to seven pages in length. Organizations submitting two grant requests should present them in one combined proposal limited to ten pages in length. The organization’s submission should be printed in a 12-point font and include:

  • A cover letter, signed by the Executive Director/CEO;
  • A one-paragraph summary of each of the one or two requests including the specific dollar amount requested and a concise description of the project(s). [Please refer to project descriptions in our “Recent Grants” section of this website for examples of summaries.]; and
  • A description of the organization including the mission and major program areas.

Organizations should also submit a separate description of the one or two projects which includes the following information:

  • Population to be served, an indication of how they will be selected, the number involved, and how they will benefit from the project;
  • Specific and measurable goals of the project which the organization hopes to meet at the conclusion of the grant period and how the results will be evaluated;
  • An indication of the relevance of this project to both present objectives of the applicant’s organization and to its future plans;
  • An indication of plans to secure future funding for the program;
  • A full, itemized project budget which reflects the portion(s) of the budget being requested from The Cummings Fund;
  • Listing of other prospective funders receiving the same grant request(s), the amounts requested, and the status;
  • Listing of additional sources of funding for the project(s) and the amount of support from each source; and
  • A job description if the request is to support a new staff position, and a resume if the position has recently been filled.

All applicants should please submit four sets of the grant proposal as outlined above, collated with the following attachments:

  • Organization’s operating budget;
  • Organization’s most recent audited financial statements; and
  • List of Board of Directors with their respective work affiliations, if any.

Additionally, an organization must please submit one copy each of its 501(c)(3) determination letter and most recent Form 990.

NOTE: Proposals should be paginated and then clipped or stapled together, NOT permanently bound. Please mail or messenger proposals so as to arrive on or before the submission deadline. When a submission deadline falls on a weekend, proposals may be submitted by 5:00 P.M. on the following Monday. FAXED and e-mailed proposals will not be accepted.