Workforce Development

Workforce Development:

Workforce Development grants will support workforce development organizations (including intermediaries) in the metropolitan area. Funding will be provided for:

  1. Capacity building (infrastructure investments that enable the organization to expand, sustain and manage its services more effectively).
  2. Program development (investments in new aspects of the program that will enhance the training and placement experience.
  3. Research and evaluation (to understand the impact of job training programs and of public policy in this area). Note: preference will be given to job training organizations that offer hard skills and life skills training; have support services available to trainees; focus on placing adults in full-time competitive employment; provide post-placement support; and collect data about graduation, placement, starting salaries and retention.
  4. Organizations receiving two or more consecutive years of funding are required to take at least one year off before reapplying (Only applies to Workforce Development applicants).

For more information, contact:

Roman Jackson
Program Officer
JPMorgan Private