About the Foundation

What is the D’Olier Foundation?

The D’Olier Foundation is a private foundation established by Mabel D’Olier, a prominent Moorestown Quaker, in 1964. Mabel D’Olier is best known for her contributions to Moorestown and Moorestown Friends Meeting. She was a key player in the establishment of the Moorestown Community House and bequeathed her home, Evergreen Lawn, to Moorestown for the enjoyment of the community in memory of her family. Today, Evergreen Lawn houses an arboretum and Perkins Center for the Arts.

What does the D’Olier Foundation support?

The D’Olier Foundation supports the charitable purposes delineated in IRS Section 501(c)(3) with grants to institutions and causes that serve the community of Moorestown and the Society of Friends. No grants are given to individuals.

The D’Olier Foundation focuses its financial support to Quaker organizations and, in the South Jersey region, to organizations or government entities that support the Quaker values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and/or Stewardship.

The D’Olier Foundation urges applicants to submit proposals that not only focus on the charitable purposes above but also target a specific organization goal and can show measurable results from the Foundation’s grant, either in the short or long-term.

IRS Form 990-PF

The Foundation makes its most recent IRS Form 990-PF available for public review in PDF format.