Funding Interests

The Lois and Richard England Family Foundation has two major funding priorities:

  1. DC-Youth Development and Education
    — Spring Cycle

    The Foundation is committed to the improvement of the lives of children in underserved communities in Washington, DC. The Foundation’s past focus has been youth development and education programs targeted to middle school students that provide academic and/or enrichment support primarily during after-school and summer hours. While the trustees continue to recognize this as is a critical time in a young person’s life, and understand both in- and out- of-school interventions are vital, the Foundation currently is undergoing strategic planning to better align its work in this area. During this transition, the Foundation will not accept unsolicited proposals or requests. Thank you for your understanding, and more information about future priorities to follow.

  2. Jewish Community Life
    — Fall Cycle

    The Foundation is proud to support organizations working in the following areas:

    • To promote engagement by the Jewish community in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) through improving the situation of underserved populations and people in crisis.
    • To encourage Jews to become active in Jewish culture, synagogue life, and the Jewish community.
    • To combat anti-Semitism by promoting a positive view of Jews and of Israel through education and dialogue.
    • To build coalitions with non-Jews on areas of common concern and to improve intergroup relations.
    • To participate in the local Jewish community by supporting local organizations which are valued by trustees of the Foundation.
    • In Israel, grants are focused on enhancing the democratic nature of Israel by promoting economic empowerment, civil rights, religious diversity and peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs.