Application Procedure


All applications must be RECEIVED by March 15th and October 15th. No extensions are made. Materials received after 4:00 p.m. on the due date will be considered in the following funding cycle.

The following application process applies to groups who are first-time applicants, or have received one or two grants in recent years.

Cover Sheet

Please provide a one-page cover sheet with the following information. (Six copies — single sided)

  1. Organization name
  2. Year organization founded
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Chief Executive’s name and title
  5. Contact’s Name and title
  6. Contact email and phone
  7. Amount requested
  8. Project title (or, general operations)
  9. Current fiscal year operating budget
  10. Current fiscal year project budget
  11. Organizational Mission Statement
  12. Organizational or project goals
  13. Key strategies to meet those goals
  14. Major result or impact of the organization or project

Please provide one copy of a proposal containing the following information:


Your narrative should address the following areas. (This is an opportunity to expand on the brief summary provided on the cover page.). Narrative must not exceed 3 pages. Please do NOT use a font size smaller than 12.

  • Overall program mission and goals.
  • Issue or problem being addressed.
  • Specific strategies to achieve the program goals.
  • Other agencies addressing similar needs, and a description of your program’s role or particular expertise.
  • Collaborations with other agencies or government entities working on similar issues.
  • Method for measuring success of the program.

If applying for an arts program, explain how you are reaching out and providing your program to homeless or low-income children or youth.

Budget Information
  • A copy of the board-approved operating budget for current and previous year.
  • Project budget (if proposal is for a project) for current and previous year.
  • Sources of income by category (foundations, government, individuals etc.): Previous year (actual) and current year (projected)
  • Copy of Treasury letter indicating 501(c)(3) status.
  • Board of Directors list, including officers and terms of office.
  • Optional: informational brochure and/or annual report.
  • One copy of the proposal and six copies of the cover sheet must be received by March 15th and October 15th. Grants are awarded each May and December.
  • We do not accept fax and e-mail proposals or year-end reports
  • Please staple and/or clip all materials into a single packet. (Do not separate sections with paper clips)

Previous Grantees

The following information applies to groups who have received Fales funding for at least three out of the previous five years.

Cover Sheet: Provide six copies of the cover sheet described above.

Proposal: In lieu of submitting a three-page narrative, we ask you to provide a two page summary of highlights of your program — bullet-points are fine; full-sentence narrative is not necessary. Since we already know the overview of your program, we want to see major changes from the previous year, significant new initiatives or challenges, or other information that differentiates your operations or projects from your grant proposals of previous years. Please enclose your brief year-end report with your proposal. (A completed proposal would include: 2-page brief summary of organizational/project highlights, year-end report, budget information, and attachments described above.)