This web site provides background on the Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust. In his will (signed in 1936), Frank E. Clark directed that the remainder of his estate be dedicated to a trust in order to provide support to religious and charitable organizations.

Funding Interests:

  1. Small churches in small communities, typically funded through national or regional denominational bodies; and
  2. organizations that provide services to very low-income adults, including homeless adults.

Geographic Focus:

  1. With respect to churches, the geographic focus is determined in partnership with designated grantee(s);
  2. with respect to other programs — New York City.


With respect to churches, the Trust is not accepting proposals at this time, as a designated beneficiary has been identified. We regret that we cannot respond to unsolicited inquiries. No grants are made to individuals or private foundations or for matching gifts or loans.


Organizations must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as public charities and tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Grant Cycle:

Proposals should be received no later than July 31st; decisions are made before the Trust’s fiscal year end, which is December 31st.

Type of Support:

Capital improvements and program expansion

JPMorgan Chase Relationship:

Sole trustee