Fondation de France

Fondation de France is a private, non-profit organization and the largest non-governmental grant-making charity in France. Through its thousands of grantees in France, Europe and the developing world, Fondation de France responds to the most urgent needs of society through work in the areas of health, scientific and medical research, culture, childhood, the environment and social services. To learn more about Fondation de France, vist the foundation’s English language website.

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Philanthropy in France & Europe

Fondation de France brings together founders, donors, volunteer experts, employees and thousands of associations, all of whom are committed and driven by a willingness to take action. It draws its expertise from almost 50 years of daily philanthropic activity, through its own programs and the associations it supports, and in serving the projects led by all the foundations that it hosts – 775 in 2014. To improve knowledge of the sector and facilitate the emergence of new forms of action, both in France and worldwide, Fondation de France regularly conducts studies on philanthropy to analyze the areas and ways in which foundations are active, and to assess their effectiveness and contribution to the economic and social life of the countries they operate in.

Below are the executive summaries, as well as the full reports of the two studies published by Fondation de France in 2015:

Funds and Foundations in France

Executive Summary»

Overview of Philanthropy in Europe

Executive Summary»