Solidarité Haïti

On January 12th, 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, causing severe damages and casualties.

haiti-map-fdf-2014Based on its efficient experience with collecting funds for Asian tsunami survivors in 2004, Fondation de France immediately mobilized its aid campaign and set up at the same time a specific experts committee dedicated to “Haiti Solidarity”.

All donations to Fondation de France through “Haiti Solidarity” are consequently redistributed to organizations helping the quake victims.

Fondation de France supports long-term rebuilding projects of French organizations or NGO working in partnership with Haitian organizations. These projects which may last for up to 48 months aim at rebuilding disaster areas and at helping the Haitian population to get back to normal life. These programs indeed enable the rebuilding of houses, schools, medical centers, sports centers and other community buildings, but they also aim at boosting local economic life. Last, but not least, some projects also provide with psychological help the most vulnerable people, until they can get back to normal life.

Each and every supported project will be evaluated on the ground and financially audited. According to its standard procedures, Fondation de France will lastly account for every expense granted over Haiti.

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