Before applying, please be sure to read the About Us page of this web site to gain a sense of the Foundation’s areas of interest.


The Foundation awards grants only to organizations headquartered in and providing services for residents of Washington, DC and the Maryland & Virginia suburbs that abut it. The Foundation does not award grants to national organizations, even if they serve these preferred communities.

The Foundation prefers not to award grants to individuals, national health organizations, government agencies or public school/charters. It does not fund medical research or the arts, except for intensive arts-in-education programs that directly benefit at-risk children and youth. It does not sponsor events.

The Fowler Foundation accepts electronic applications which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.

A proposal package must include:

  • A copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter (no application will be considered without this)
  • Financial statements, i.e., balance sheet, income statements, audit; if the organization does not have this information, explain why and provide the latest Form 990. In cases of organizations with budgets in excess of $500,000, the Foundation looks for an audit or a review by an outside source
  • A current operating budget, including income source
  • A project or capital budget, if appropriate
  • A board of trustees list
  • Resumes of key staff
  • a concise (three-four page) narrative requesting general operating support or describing the project for which funding is sought and the need for it. There also should be a brief statement (three-four pages) regarding the history of the organization, its purposes, current activities and evidence of its effectiveness, with their affiliations.

Proposals should be signed by the applicant’s executive director or CEO.

Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

There are no deadlines. Applications are processed in the order received. An acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of an application. Do not submit letters of inquiry; succinctly written proposals are the best way to explain your program. The Foundation makes occasional site visits, but must limit them as it has only one full-time staff person. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year to discuss and vote upon applications. Depending upon the volume of requests, it can take at least six months for an application to reach the Board. Declined applicants will receive an email and may not reapply until at least 12 months after the declination date. Declined applicants may email Suzie Loungeway, the Director of Grants, to set up a call to discuss the reasons for declination and to inquire about the suitability of reapplying in the future.

Grantees may not apply for a new grant until at least 12 months after receipt of an award, and not until a final report has been submitted.

Should you have questions not answered here, you can email Suzie at leave a telephone message at (301) 654-2700, and Suzie will return your call as soon as possible.

To apply online: Click here