Bud to BlossomSince 1986, The Hershey Foundation has had deep roots in funding programs to provide bridges of opportunity for children in Northeast Ohio. Bud to Blossom is an initiative created by The Hershey Foundation that focuses on the importance of nurturing all aspects of development for the whole child, particularly young children ages 0-6​. The goal of Bud to Blossom is to support and partner with organizations that foster the mental, physical and emotional development of children in this age group.​ To apply for a Bud to Blossom grant, click here.

In today’s society, it is more imperative than ever for children not only to have a strong academic foundation but also be prepared to think critically and creatively, and to learn early on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In order to adequately prepare this generation, we need to move beyond what is standard and strive for greatness.​

Children are natural born learners; their inherent capacity to acquire and master knowledge is enormous.  They come into the world with a powerful urge to explore, learn, relate and contribute to their environment.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” ~Maria Montessori