Eye doctor sees young patient at James H Hall Eye CenterWho is eligible?

Without quality opthalmologic care, many children will never reach their full potential, and society will bear the economic burden. The Hall Eye Center provides comprehensive services, including routine eye exams, sensory testing, and surgical care at no cost to the families of children in need of care.

The Hall Eye Center’s services are offered without charge to needy, uninsured, and underinsured children.

If the Center did not exist, many children in the Atlanta region, who lack medical care, would be at risk of becoming legally blind in one or both eyes.

Timely detection and intervention allows for the identification and treatment of many debilitating visual conditions. When children with visual problems are neglected, there can be long-term adverse consequences for the child and for society as well. Advanced disabilities become more likely, when conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), untreated cataracts, strabismus (eye muscle imbalance), ptosis (droopy eyelids) and high refractive errors are not diagnosed and treated.