Mission and History

The James Hall Eye Center devotes its efforts to preserve, rehabilitate and restore sight. The Center focuses on Prevention of Blindness in early childhood and provides a caring environment where indigent children can gain immediate access to the finest, state-of-the-art, ophthalmologic and surgical care. The Center makes significant contributions to American medicine by training highly qualified physicians as pediatric ophthalmologists and plays a critical role in the advancement of groundbreaking clinical research to develop more effective treatments and cures for diseases of the visual system that damage and destroy sight.

2013 Annual Report2,400 Atlanta children received free treatment in 2013 from the James H. Hall Eye Center. To learn more about our activities please read our 2013 report.

Our founder, James H. Hall, owner of Georgia Electric Company in Albany, Georgia, suffered multiple and serious eye problems including a tumor, glaucoma, cataracts, and detached retina. In his search for treatment, he found a group of outstanding ophthalmologists who treated and preserved his vision. In appreciation for what he had received, Mr. Hall incorporated the Foundation in 1979 to develop new methods of preventing blindness, and as a vehicle to provide, finance, organize and achieve the following goals:

  • To provide highly-skilled ophthalmologic and surgical care to indigent children.
  • To perform clinical research aimed to broaden rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment applications.
  • To sponsor a post-doctoral training program in pediatric ophthalmology to fulfill the increasing need for such specialists.

Our outstanding group of ophthalmologists—with specialties in pediatrics, retina, glaucoma, plastics, and cornea—provide consultation and treatment to more than 500 patients and as many as 1,000 emergency cases each year.