Patients are Always Welcome

Pediatric Director Zane F. PollardPediatric Director
Zane F. Pollard, M.D.

Marc F. Greenberg, M.D. Marc F. Greenberg, M.D.

The James H. Hall Eye Center continues to see an increase in the number of indigent patients. This includes additional referrals, as well as many of our previous patients who had medical insurance but have lost their jobs and medical coverage.

And we will continue to be a source of ophthalmologic care for new and existing patients in need. It is obvious to us in the medical profession that the unemployment rate is still quite significant.

Your loyal support and belief in our mission to preserving and restoring sight in early childhood enables disadvantaged children the only chance to get the surgery they desperately need. You give children the brighter, happier future they deserve.

The atmosphere at the Hall Eye Center is directed especially toward children and attempts are made to make the encounter with our physicians as non-intimidating as possible. Before each surgery, the team of ophthamologists personally talk to the parents in the pre-op area to re-explain what the surgery is trying to accomplish. They also talk to the young children assuring them that they will feel no pain during the procedure.
Our ophthalomologist team, composed of our Pediatric Director Zane F. Pollard, M.D. and associates Marc F. Greenberg, M.D., Mark Bordenca, M.D. and Shivani Sethi, M.D., donated more than $300,000 in medical services in 2015.

Included in donated fees is $108,160 to treat 416 indigent new patient exams, $130,000 for 52 indigent patient surgeries, and $65,000 for indigent patient hospital consultations.

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