Areas of Interest

Programs helping street youth improve their futures; helping youth explore their creativity and avoid unwanted pregnancies; helping Native American youth connect with their cultural traditions; connecting low-income urban kids to nature; and providing services for women survivors of domestic violence.

Street Youth Programs: We like programs that meet hard-hit kids on their own terms without judgment, criticism, and coercion. Programs where staff and volunteers treat homeless youth with respect, providing opportunities for a stronger, healthier future. Projects where youth can speak for themselves. We support efforts that recognize the special challenges facing gay and lesbian teens.

We funded the Seattle Young People’s Project, the 45th Street Clinic for Homeless Youth, the “Steps Ahead” program for teen girls offered by Community for Youth, and the “Teen Feed” program in Seattle’s U-District.

Creative Programs:
We like programs that encourage youth to express themselves, stimulate creative possibilities, and explore life issues. We especially like programs that provide skills and training through hands-on arts projects.

We funded Coyote’s “Hit the Streets” summer program, the Youth in Focus photography program, the Scribes program at Richard Hugo House, and Book it All Over literacy/theatre outreach through Book-It Repertory.

Native American Youth: We funded the Lummi Cedar Youth Empowerment Program, the Intertribal Canoe Journey program of Potlatch Fund, and Books for Kids’ project for Native American children.

We funded the Lummi Cedar Youth Empowerment Program, the Sapa Dawn youth programs, and Books for Kids’ project for Native American children.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention: We like programs to help teens avoid pregnancy, and teen parenting programs that nurture strong relationships to prevent potential child abuse. We aren’t looking for judgmental attitudes or moral absolutes.

We funded Camp Fire’s Teen Parent Program, Family Planning of Clallam County’s Youth Education Program, and Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council Programs.

Environmental Education Programs: We support opportunities for low-income urban youth to explore their world through hand-on experiences in nature. We want all kids to have the chance to become environmental stewards, and to consider a possible future in science or conservation.

We funded the North Cascades Institute “Urban Wild” program, and the EarthWork Urban Youth Corps project.

Environmental Habitat Protection:
We support wild animals and want to protect their natural habitat. We will fund organizations based in Washington State working to protect our wild places so wildlife populations can thrive. (We are not looking for smaller-scale local projects such as parks and neighborhood areas.) We will also support Washington-based institutions working to support habitats of wild critters throughout the planet.

Special Initiatives

Technical Assistance Grants. Grants of $100 – $700 are made throughout the year, to enhance skills for board and staff. These grants are not available for conferences. Send a brief descriptive letter and budget.