2016 Grant for Bioethics Research

In May 2011, the Kornfeld Foundation discontinued its support for the Kornfeld Program in Bioethics and Patient Care at The Greenwall Foundation because The Greenwall Foundation was reorganizing its grants program. Sixteen research grants were made from 2008-2011 totaling $699,137.

A Conference of National Leaders in Communications Research was funded in 2014 through a Kornfeld grant of $20,000 to the National Palliative Care Research Center. The two-day conference was held in May 2015, convening 10 international leaders in the field and chaired by Dr. James Tulsky. In 2016, a set of priorities for communications and serious illness research was identified by the conferees. Their expectation is to publish this report in order to promote research in areas likely to achieve the greatest impact on the field.

No bioethics grants were awarded in 2016. Currently, bioethics topics are being addressed through NPCRC palliative care research grants.