Grant Program

Application Guidelines

Grant Program Intent

Grant awards are intended to support adult (post secondary) educational efforts specifically undertaken to prepare one for a future career or to enhance a current career.


  • Employees of L&L Products, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, with at least one year of employment seniority as of April 1st.
  • Former employees of L&L Products, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, no longer employed with the Company due to disability, retirement or death.

Who May Apply

  • Employees of L&L Products, Inc.
  • Employee’s Spouse
  • Employee’s Children
  • Step Children – children must live with the employee
  • Children for whom the employee is the permanent legal guardian.
  • Renewal Applicants

Any individual who was awarded a grant from the Foundation in the prior year, may apply whether or not the family member, under whom they originally qualified, meets the current eligibility requirements.

Eligible Educational Costs

Grant awards are intended to support only those costs related to the educational program designated by the applicant in their grant application.

These include: tuition, registration fees, course related fees, books, course related supplies such as software and lab equipment as stipulated in the course syllabus.

Obligations of Grant Recipients

Grant recipients are required to furnish complete information on a continuing basis about their participation in the educational program described in the application. Examples include:

  • Official transcripts following the conclusion of each academic year.
  • Notice of withdrawal from courses the Foundation has supported.

All unused grant payments and all grant payments used for unapproved purposes must be returned to the Foundation promptly. Grant payments made for classes that the grant recipient ultimately withdraws from shall be considered unused.

Additional Information

Please contact the Foundation with questions regarding the grant program and other inquiries.