Grant Program

Privacy Policy

The L&L Educational Foundation (“Foundation”) is committed to responsible information handling practices. The privacy of your personal information is important to us. To help you understand how we protect the information we receive about you this notice describes our privacy policy and practices.

Types of information we collect:

  • Information that we receive from you on applications, forms and correspondence. Examples include your name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, educational history, employment history, income declaration.
  • Information that was received from institutions which was requested and authorized by you. An example includes transcripts from educational institutions you have attended.

How we use this information:

  • The Foundation uses the information to process your grant application.
  • If awarded a grant, the Foundation uses the information to process your grant payments and verify that these payments were used for their intended purpose.

Whom we may share this information with:
This information is shared with The L&L Educational Foundation’s Grantee Selection Committee, which includes individuals, often the district’s superintendent, employed by school districts in the area. The Grantee Selection Committee is responsible for evaluating grant applications and making grant awards.

Security procedures that are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information.

  • We employ internal access controls to ensure that the only people who see your information are those with a need to do so to perform their official duties.
  • We eliminate or blackout all discernable references to birth date or social security number before providing your application information to the Grantee Selection Committee.
  • We physically secure the areas where we hold hard copies of information.
  • We use technical controls to secure information that is maintained electronically including firewalls and password protections. In addition, we regularly back up the information that is maintained electronically to ensure against loss.

Questions regarding this policy

Please contact the Foundation with questions regarding our privacy policy and other inquiries.