Grant Program

Application Procedures

The Foundation’s annual grant application is available in early January of each year.

The due date for all grant applications is April 1st.

You must apply online via our eGrant site.

Selection of Grant Recipients

Grant award decisions are made by the Foundation’s Grantee Selection Committee. This Committee is comprised of administrators from local school districts.

The criteria used to award grants include: completeness of the application, financial need, personal situation, career goals and preparation for those goals and academic performance.


Federal regulations may limit the number of grants awarded.

Award Notification

Grant awards will be announced no later than June 30th each year.

Grant Awards

Grants are awarded annually and are to be applied to the following academic year. Unused grant dollars may not be applied to subsequent academic years.

For example: Grants awarded in June 2014 are to be applied to education expenses incurred during the 2014 – 2015 academic year. In general, an academic year begins in August and ends in July of the following year.

Payment of Grants

Grant payments are made based on actual expenses and are limited to the total grant awarded.

Tuition and Fees Payments:

  • Grant recipients must provide a detailed tuition statement and class schedule.
  • The Foundation will pay the educational institution that the student is attending if their tuition statement shows an outstanding balance.
  • The Foundation will reimburse the student if tuition, fees, etc. were paid directly or via student loan.

Note: Grant payments for a particular semester may be reduced if the student has received scholarships or grants intended to support the same educational costs covered by their award from The L&L Educational Foundation.

Books and Course Related Supplies Payments:

  • Grant recipients must provide detailed receipts for the reimbursement of books and course related supplies.

Additional Information

Please contact the Foundation with questions regarding the grant program and other inquiries.