Grant Guidelines

Guidelines for Applicants

The Foundation has decided to concentrate its work with its current grantees. Consequently, we
are unlikely to take on any new grantees for the foreseeable future.

Fields of Interest:
Our focus is on relatively small programs serving needy children and youths in New York City.

We are interested in helping to turn around the lives of young people by providing opportunities which have been denied to them. Education; health, including mental health; human services; juvenile justice; citizenship skills; and leadership skills are special concerns. We also may consider programs in the arts and humanities, environmental preservation, and peace, when they involve work with young people. Developing a sense of mastery can be accomplished in many ways; if it can be done while also contributing to the larger community, so much the better.

No grants are made to individuals.

Application Information:
A prospective applicant should submit a preliminary letter of interest not more than two pages long. After receiving a favorable response, the agency may submit an application on the Foundation’sĀ Initial Grant Application Form. Since decisions on grants are made throughout the year, there is no deadline for applications. Reports are expected from grantees at least once a year, and there may be other requirements. For forms and more information visit ourĀ Application and Reporting Forms page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can grants be of more than one year’s duration?
    No. Grants are made for only one year at a time. We have found, however, that our grants have greater impact when we have an ongoing close collaboration with the agencies which we support. For that reason, if things are going well, we are likely to renew grants repeatedly. We have supported most of our current grantees for more than 5 years, and several for 10 or more years.
  2. Are new grantees accepted every year?
    No. Because we tend to continue our support to the same limited number of grantees, we are not able to take on new grantees every year. In the last 8 years we have accepted 3 new grantees.
  3. Are inquiries from prospective applicants welcome even in years when no new grantees are being accepted?
    Yes. Inquiries from prospective applicants always are welcome. If we find an inquiry interesting, we will let the prospective applicant know, and the inquiry will be kept on file for consideration when we are able to take on a new grantee.
  4. How big is a typical grant?
    In recent years, our renewal grants generally have been for $15,000, and we have maintained that standard even during the recent recession. Initial grants, and sometimes the first few renewals, generally are smaller.