Recommended Resources

The resources listed in our resource directory have been recommended by various of our grantees, who have had favorable experiences with them. The list is offered in an effort to be helpful to all of our grantees, and it also may be useful to others. The list does not represent endorsement by the Leeman Foundation. It simply includes the resources as they were recommended, without verification or investigation by the Foundation. Neither the grantees nor the Foundation assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, nor for any actions that the listed persons or companies may perform, or fail to perform, nor for any statements which the listed persons or companies may make. Neither the Leeman Foundation nor its grantees will benefit financially from any purchases of goods or services which a reader of this list may direct to any listed resource. If any of our grantees have any further experience, either positive or negative, with any of the listed resources, either independently or as a result of using this list, we should very much appreciate your informing us, so that we can keep the list current. Negative comments are not posted, but significant negative experience, as well as lack of recent experience by all our grantees, may result in de-listing. The information is current as of August 2017.

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