Grant Application Procedures & Forms

The information listed below must be provided in the order presented. Each applicant must submit ten (10) printed copies of the following:

  • Cover letter [one page maximum]
  • Table of Contents [one page maximum]
  • Organization Fact Sheet [two page maximum]
  • Grant Application [six page maximum]
  • Appendix
    Only the items listed below may be attached in the appendix per bid

    • List of Trustees or Directors and Corporate Officers:

      — Please include board of director titles, profession, ethnicity, gender, city, and state.

    • All requests for funding to support project:

      — List all entities asked to give financial support to the proposed project. Please include their responses to date and dollar amounts committed. If applicable, include a copy of the current lease.

    • Bids for the purchase of equipment or vehicles:

      — If applicable; (1) page per bid. A minimum of (3) bids are required or an explanation of why it’s not possible).

  • Additional Materials Required — Submit one copy only
    • Most recent copy of 501(c) (3) Tax-determination letter
    • Current audited financial report If you cannot furnish an audited statement then you must furnish a financial report signed by an officer of your organization certifying and attesting that the statement is a full and complete statement of your financial condition.
    • Most recent IRS Informational Return Form 990, if applicable
    • Accreditation certificate, if applicable

    If your organization does not have both of the above stated financial documents, submit the document you have and also submit a Balance Sheet along with an Income Statement for the most recently completed fiscal year.


  • You have enclosed all information requested;
  • Your operating budget covers a full fiscal year;
  • You have broken down salaries and other benefits paid to your key organization and project staff (If not included, proposal will not be considered);
  • You have NOT enclosed bulky materials, magazines, brochures, binders, folders, letters of recommendation, or any other materials not requested in the Grant Application Guidelines.