Application Guidelines

Grantmaking Policies
Who can apply: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations meeting the above criteria.
Geographical restrictions: Organizations must be based in King County, Snohomish County, or the Olympic Peninsula.
Grants are not made to: Individuals, scholarships, schools, research, summer camps, athletic events, video or film projects, website development, book publications.We do not fund low-income housing or shelter programs unless they are specifically focused on serving women. Groups who have been declined three times are ineligible to reapply.
Average grant size: $5,000 to $10,000
Annual amount granted: Approximately $400,000.
Type of funding: Grants will support operating expenses, special projects, and minor capital costs necessary to assure the success of a funded project.
Granting Policy: No multi-year requests are considered. After receiving three grants, a group must wait two years before re-applying. (Technical Assistance grants exempted.)
Year-end reports: Required at the end of a grant period.
Incomplete applications: Incomplete applications (ex: no budget included) will be forwarded to the next funding cycle pending receipt of the missing materials.
Application Procedure

There is no pre-application or letter-of-interest review process. If you feel your program falls within foundation interest areas and criteria, please submit a full proposal. Proposals should include the following information, in a font no smaller than 12 pt.

Cover Letter, explaining the amount you’re requesting, the project for which funds are requested, and all relevant contact information: name, title, address, email, phone.

Narrative, not to exceed three pages. Describe the problem to be addressed, the constituency to be involved, program goals and strategies. Provide a general workplan describing how the strategies will be undertaken during the grant-funded period. Explain the size of your organization, and a discussion of who will be doing the work. Describe collaborations with other related groups, as well as your organization’s unique niche in the larger social service community. Explain how you will determine the success/effectiveness of your project.

Budget summary. For general operating support, submit a current year organizational budget (actual & projected sources of income). If you are requesting project support, provide a budget for both the project and the larger organization. Also submit the previous year financial statements, indicating actual year-end figures for both income and expenses. If there is an increase of 15% or higher in any income category (foundations, corporations, events etc.) between last year’s actual figures and this year’s budgeted figures, please explain your strategies to reach the income goal.

IRS 501(c)(3) notification letter, and a listing of your Board of Directors.

Optional Additional information. Newsletters, press coverage, brochures.

When to Apply

These materials must be received by the following deadlines, so early mailing is encouraged. Please do not submit materials by e-mail or any method requiring a signature for receipt. Materials should be stapled together.




Spring Cycle

1st Friday of March

2nd Monday of May

Fall Cycle

1st Friday of August

2nd Monday of October