Areas of Interest

Providing services for at-risk teens and young adults living in poverty.

  • Educational and mentoring projects to help teens avoid pregnancy.
  • Community-based programs to help low-income youth complete their education.
  • Job training programs to help youth build skills and develop self-sufficiency.

Preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.

  • Services to support and treat abused and neglected children.
  • Parenting programs to help families break the cycle of violence.
  • Shelters providing refuge for abused women and children.
  • Training/education programs to help abused women become self-sufficient.
  • Programs to help teens recognize and prevent date rape and sexual abuse.

Improving lives of low-income women.

  • Programs providing training and skills development for low-income women to support their families and break generational cycles of poverty.
  • Services to provide basic needs for women living in poverty: shelter, counseling, jobs training, food, childcare. (We are unable to accept shelter and housing programs serving families; only programs focused on women will be considered.)

Encouraging philanthropy among teens and young people.

  • Hands-on programs to teach children and youth the impact and responsibilities of charitable giving.

Special Initiatives

Capital Campaigns. Trustees will make several capital grants each year to established organizations exemplifying the two major interest areas: services to abused and sexually assaulted women and children, and programs serving teens and youth in poverty. These grants will range from $40,000 to $60,000. Apply throughout the year with a two-page letter of interest describing the proposed capital campaign, and a one-page budget summary. If accepted for further consideration, you will be asked to submit a full proposal and audited financial statements. (Send two copies of all materials)

NOTE: Due to reduction in foundation assets,
no capital grant requests will be accepted until further notice.

Technical Assistance Grants. Grants up to $1000 will be made throughout the year to help organizations operate more effectively. Generally these grants support training for Boards and staff, but are not used for expenses related to attending conferences. Preference is made to collaborative training opportunities for groups working on similar issues. Apply throughout the year with a two-page summary letter and a one-page budget. (2 copies)