Excellence in the Arts

Application Procedures

Your application to the Foundation should be initiated with a telephone call or email to the Executive Director to discuss the proposed project.

For first time applicants, the Executive Director may wish to schedule a site visit.

For particularly large requests ($25,000 or more), it is recommended that the initial call be made well in advance of application. In these cases, a short (1-2 page) project description may be requested prior to submission of a full application.

A post-grant final report for your most recent Roberts Foundation grant must be on file before we will consider another proposal.

Please submit your application via email by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. Your email must include the following attachments in PDF form and named as specified below:

  1. Your Organization Name Cover letter (on organization letterhead with organization’s address)
  2. Your Organization Name Narrative (see required content below)
  3. Your Organization Name Last Year Operational budget: showing budget and final figures for the last completed fiscal year
  4. Your Organization Name Current Operational budget: showing operational budget and year-to-date figures for the current fiscal year
  5. Your Organization Name Financial Statement: most recent annual financial statement (audited, if available)
  6. Your Organization Name Balance Sheet: a current balance sheet for the organization (within three months)
  7. Your Organization Name board list: a list of officers and Board members with titles and addresses
  8. Your Organization Name 501(c)(3) designation letter
  9. Your Organization Name annual report (If your organization does not publish an annual report, you may omit this attachment.)

Incomplete applications will be returned. If you experience any problems emailing these documents you may copy them to a CD or flash drive and hand deliver it to our street address or mail to our P.O. Box. Any materials mailed to our P.O. Box must be postmarked by the deadline date.

Content of Your Application

Your cover letter should summarize the request, state the amount requested and when it will be needed. This should be signed (scanned or electronic signature) by the Executive Director or Board President and printed on your letterhead.

Your narrative should be as complete, specific, and concise as possible – not to exceed 5 pages. It should include:

  • A brief description of your organization, including its history, mission, current activities, population the organization serves, and governance (including frequency of board meetings and record of attendance).
  • Your organization’s definition of artistic excellence. How do both your organization and the proposed project meet that definition?
  • A description of the subject of the request. How does this fit into the larger context of the organization? Cite the benefits to the community at large. Provide details such as date, time, place, number of participants or attendees, ticket prices and plan to market them, etc.
  • A description of how the project will be evaluated.
  • The amount of funding desired and when it will be needed.
  • A project budget, including all sources of income and expense.
  • A list of sources and amounts of grants being sought for the same project. Identify their status.

Each required attachment should be saved as a PDF and named as specified above.

Please note: The Foundation carefully examines the financial health and management of the organization in considering its decision. Please include any comments or clarifications about your financial status in your narrative.

Application Checklist

Did You?

  • Double-check that a final report on your organization’s last grant was submitted?
  • Double-check that the program will not be underway within 90 days of the application due date?
  • Discuss the proposal with the Foundation’s executive director?
  • Have the cover letter signed by the Executive Director or Board President?
  • Properly name and save your attachments as PDFs?
  • Attach all the required documents?

Questions should be directed to Lisa Curran.