Funding Priorities

The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations addressing the following issues:

  • Environmental protection and experiential education programs with an emphasis on programs serving youth and young adults.
  • Community-based health services for low-income families, programs providing direct service support to populations in need, and neighborhood-based support services to develop self sufficiency for families living in poverty.
  • Arts and cultural programs for children providing sustained, hands-on opportunities.


The Harrington-Schiff Foundation will support general operations, special projects, small capital expenses, start-up efforts or long-time established programs. Most grants are provided to human service programs; the fewest grants are allocated to arts programs.


The Foundation will not support: multi-year requests, private or public schools, hospitals, disease related organizations, single or short-term arts programs or concerts, child care programs, transitional housing or housing development programs. We will not support capital campaigns for new buildings, or land purchase, renovations, or office/administrative supplies or equipment. (We will consider requests for items and equipment used by children and families in need.) While we will support food distribution programs, we are unable to support individual food banks.

An organization that has submitted a proposal three or more times within the last five years but has not received grant funding is ineligible to reapply for support, even if the program falls within foundation funding priorities.