Foundation Policies

The Foundation has established the following policies:

Geographical limit:
Grant proposals will be accepted from Greater Puget Sound area organizations with
501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

The Foundation meets each March and October to review requests. Grant proposals must be received by December 15 (for March meeting) and August 15 (for October meeting). Materials must arrive at the bank address no later than 4:00 on the due date. Late requests will be considered in the following funding cycle.

Total grants awarded each year:
approximately $45,000

Grant range:
$500 to $2,500. Most grants are $2,000. Preference will be given to those organizations who can convincingly express how a small grant will further their goals.

Single Foundation:
The Helen M. Schiff Foundation and the Harrington-Schiff Charitable Trust were merged into the Harrington-Schiff Foundation. Please do not submit proposals to these now-defunct foundations.

Discretionary Funding:
Occasionally foundation trustees will designate grants to programs falling outside the priority areas or geographical limitations set forth above, particularly certain international relief agencies, schools, and hospitals with historical connection to the foundation. Nevertheless, unsolicited grant requests falling outside the guidelines set forth above will not be accepted.