Areas of Interest

Skill-building and training programs that empower at-risk youth, women and families to develop skills that would bring them towards economic self-sufficiency. We support grassroots service learning or work-based programs that enhance individual and family self-sufficiency.

We are interested in programs that provide job-related educational and skill building opportunities, and those seeking to build character and develop self-reliance and accountability. We also support artistic and cultural skill-building programs for youth and families that can enhance educational and future career opportunities.

We particularly encourage requests from organizations creating opportunities for our region’s immigrant communities.


  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) groups in the Puget Sound area that meet the above criteria.
  • General operating expenses or special projects for community-based programs.
  • Technical assistance requests for board and staff training (up to $600).
  • Groups that are rooted in a community, member-controlled, continue to attract new members, and have an ongoing method for developing new leadership.


  • Groups outside the Puget Sound area.
  • National organizations, even those with projects in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Human services or low-income services projects or organizations that are not specifically providing skill-building or training opportunities.
  • Programs with a religious or proselytizing approach or mission.
  • Educational and outreach programs of large artistic or cultural institutions.
  • Museum exhibits or related outreach programs for schools or communities.
  • Traditional academic-oriented literacy, tutoring, and mentorship programs.
  • Individual requests for research or scholarships.
  • Childcare centers, schools, or classroom projects.
  • Book, video, film, or home-page productions, unless the expenses occur within the context of a project that fits the foundation’s major areas of interest.
  • Computer, software, or office equipment purchases unless clearly a component of a project that fits foundation areas of interest.
  • Capital campaigns for building construction or renovations.