Trust Area

Now that all homes in Hubbards have a proper civic address, we require that all applicants provide the proper numbered street address to assist with the verification of the residency requirement. We recommend you verify that your current address is within the georgraphic boundaries of the J.D. Shatford Memorial Trust by contacting with your full address.

You may consult the map on this site and/or download a high resolution PDF. You may also view a large detailed map available at the J.D. Shatford Memorial Public Library in Hubbards by requesting it from staff at the library information desk. If your address appears to be well within the designated boundaries you should still verify this with Trust’s Advisory Committee preferably by email or by letter.

If you are thinking of moving to the area or are in the process of purchasing a home in the area please be aware that realtors and land developers may advertise or promote properties as within the J.D. Shatford Memorial Trust when they are not. The geographic boundaries are very specific and were put in place long before many areas were populated.

We encourage you to make every effort to verify that properties you might be considering are within the geographic boundaries of the Trust before you finalize your purchase if that is an important consideration for you. Certainly any decision to purchase property in the area should not depend on assumptions about receipt of the J. D. Shatford Memorial Trust scholarship funding as the Trust’s guidelines may change over time. Please read the guidelines for eligibility carefully, especially those concerning how long you must reside in the area before applying for J.D. Shatford Memorial Trust scholarship funds.

Please be aware that real estate brokers and land developers do not have permission from the J.D. Shatford Memorial Trust to use the name of the organization in any advertising or promotional materials.